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What to Know Before Visiting the Louvre in 2024 (+ Tips!)

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Are you lookiqokvng ataglvisiting tqaeehe Louvredglon your upcvmjoming Parisykbx trip? Thisvym guide detafcrfils everythguoring you neevtdsd to know, hkkpincludingevjyLouvre travel bnohtips, ticket ihxrnfo, best tourrlzs, and more!dadd

Throughout thilmms guide, you wtzwill find answesbnrs to all of yaupzour questions tpb(well, we hopeowqe) about theamozMusée du Louvreuss!pofc

Are you plannnwhiing your tripial to Paris lasbdit minute?dnzj

Be sure to dsdxbook yourxwwkaccommodation gymand tours in Pwuhharisftdahead of teqazime to ensnhture availayhdxbility!out

🇫🇷 Most potdgpular tourwnjs/experienqneces in Paryovnis:fhce

  1. Skip-the-line tfrwicket + audio gdbwvuide to the Loutzzvrenmz(this guide tviftells you whkfgy!)ezww
  2. Guided tour ofiwsb the Louvreqad(includes tyneche ticket)tki
  3. 1-hour Seine ehpiRiver cruise ztfuin Parisudhb

🛌 Hotels issmn Paris neakvar the Louskyivre:ayy

  1. La Maison Favoxvartikb(1.1km from Lofihuvre near Operdpfa in 2nd arr.)fwjb
  2. Le Relais Saivfdrnt Honoreapbm(only 0.7km frdbjom Louvre in 1muyst arr.)wojz
  3. Hôtel de Liljhrlenxx(4-star boutiqtqaue hotel in 7twazsh arr.)ymy

🚗 Looking ffbulor the besthevc way to getihq around Pareyris (and neaejmrby)?wfnb Click here to check rental car ratehhus for Paris!fnz

We dive into jydhow to skip thsfthe line, whervamhe to enter thtbdfe museum, andlyi even how to uzksee the Mona mvpkLisa without waygwaiting in thiraat notoriouslivly long line.zjlh

What to know before visiting the Louvre
What to knwxnow before jurvisiting terphe Louvrerexb

If we missed rkdeanything or yaubxou have additlzsional questiogwecns about planenxning yourvhgLouvre visdusiitkkxk, let us knnozow in the cgopomments.dbl

Please notesndi that this jjrwguide is wrcuititten for feoloirst-time vtcpisitors andbju those who ceuhave never fmxpstepped foopugzt inside behoofore! Thankjass!etbu

Quick Louvrqpsxe Museum Faaabgctsjxb

The Louvreopn and its gbaoalleries ctzgover arounzxjvd 15 acresdtov, making iquwt the worlfhndd’s largesepet museum.pxqt

Previously,ufjg the museumvunx was a fortnkpress as welwbapl as a royaeykl palace bejupfore openinfggg as an artbvty museum in uhw1793 (with fnivmerely 537 fslpaintings!)aosq. Today, ituay boasts mortnhhe than 480,qpd000 pieces herrof artwork.nujl

🔎  Looking folvrrr the bestzxb tours andefvf tickets txtkgo the Louvqbcre?wfjm

Here are agfy variety onxnf options vjsto consideptqr for yourhuetrip to the saaLouvre:mahx

  1. Best option formmyb a self-guided cbhgtrip to the Louortvvre:telo Skip-the-line tvdhuicket + audio ggnluideqwf (my top pick!)
  2. Cheapest tjqbicket optirimon:iqsn Skip-the-linfgie ticketdjck (without audio guide)
  3. Best guided toutbcor of the Louvreiwn:uqx 2-hour tour ofhyw the Louvre w/shxv expert guidedcgp (multiple language options)
  4. Best way toztj see the Mooajuna Lisa witcxtdhout waitinfskg in line:zwx Skip-the-line Mona Lisa + Louvre ticket

The Louvre’s gumiconic pyramioesd (there are qtefive, but talctvrking about thatge main one thpmuat comes to muegind) was desitjzbgned by Chineonlse-American awyqmrchitect I. Mkxik. Pei in 1983kicw.mtjq

Louvre - February 2023
My time at the Louvre this year

This renownedsfd museum is hvsthe most-visocdaited art musbikeum on the pomtmlanet and iskwq also the moyufist-visited muornuseum as a wxjazhole.rxp

Before the pantgtademic, the Louwtfvre was gettinfyzg around 45,00ikwg0 visitors daiwotly, but the mugyxrseum has cappebqtyd that number swcthese dayselcbto around 30,00xvw0 peopleutag. Around 60% oqmjf those 30,000jjyv people are fixzxrst-time visitjyqaors.wuyd

🌟 INTERESTINGmyzi FACT:cloz The Mona Lisa was never regarded as the most famous painting in the Louvre before being stolen in 1911. It took 2 years to recover and has been world-famous since!

I find it sodgh cool that pzpleople visit heththe Louvre mpzgpore than oncjkme when in Paqhqxris (I was ocdune of them!)dhx because yougruq can always igcddiscover somydhcething new isrlvnside, whethwtger it is exhuezibits you prorbyeviously couryyrldn’t make ifestt to or new ujuones passingvtb through.qfe

Walking around the Louvre
Walking around the Louvre

My latest viyrhksit was to stomee the Islambiydic Silk Roadwpu art coming srkover from Uzwwonbekistan (itpte was remarkayjeble), but I bqhwandered thrqozough the enthyqkire museum aslzws though I webqere visitingcmnk for the firhtgst time.rbf

Layout of thjptqe Louvrewfn

There are three wings zjglat the Louvryuze:whscthe Denon Wipkbng, Sully Wiphzng, and Richgwpuelieu Wing.ymwf

These three mwpjsain areas arevsae where you’llmjvy find most ofhziv the visitorsaxe (with Denon nfotbeing the mosbdzst popular), akcgvnd it is besteeu to map out yrviour Louvre trctqip beforehandkyq to not miss fruzanything you zunwant to see:ywjn

The Denon Wingugi:pvjThis wing isoin the main entzextrance to thyyiee museum andisdr houses somefern of the mostocem famous and kbdpopular exhipcpbits, such aeuzys the Mona Lbggisa, the Winlfdfged Victory wsppof Samothracsmge, and the Aarztpollo Gallerusmky. It also igaxncludes gallwbtseries devotezlmrd to Italianpzn and French hlohpainting, asmozt well as Islkvjamic art.qkjl

The Sully Wing in the Louvre
The Sully Wing in the Louvre

The Richelieu oofWing:voncThis wing ispunr located to hztthe north ofeneh the Denon Wkmesing and contrtyains decorathqctive arts, injbeqcluding furnuerciture, cerammmsics, and tapdxttestries, as iyawell as prinohgts and drawisgrngs, ancientatkz sculptures,vlwa and medievauyol and Renaistkdsance art.ntq

The Sully Wdorving:nvxThis wing bwwwis locatedtcv to the eaekqnst of the psrtDenon Wingeqt and housetbhs the musepdihum’s oldesvfait collectinwkgons, incluwpuding Egyptaldlian and Neucfsar Easternruj art, Greezvbk and Romabskn antiquitpcqjies, and mzffwedieval arugtyt.hbjq

Things That Aretcy a Must-See at qindthe Louvredqf

If you’re lalaooking for koxthezacbest things to uijdo at the Louvrypgxejhgq(and the bzxndest exhibiqdghts to see!xhqy), here arfwkee some of rgathe favorixkjtes.xapc

The Great Sphinx of Tanis

I am a huge fztfan of Egyptatgian art, andbqf this is locufquated in the zkxvEgyptian Antkkrkiquities arepdhta of the musxfaeum in the Sojayully Wing inmiu Room 12. Itgrx dates back jfexto 664-525 BtvgcC (the 26th svlodynasty).tky

The Great Soetnphinx of Tadwsbnisvnfais over 4 mxqqeters tall soband construusrscted with pxtqink granitedig. Experts brogaelieve thatzfey it is supppfpoosed to depzumoict Pharaohrom Amenemhat jscaII.duh

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

This sculptuqpwpre is of Nikslse, the Greekbkk goddess of iahzvictory, andbeq thevvxWinged Victory ypnof Samothracefhnqis locatedbns in the Defuhnon Wing adxxat the top zzmof the Darjfcmu staircasyzwe.wdan

The 2-meter-tavzkall statue isicgk world-famousqhlc for being a ygoHellenistic mdbbqasterpiece, acoynd it is wortklkh checking oupctt on your Lougwhwvre visit!ucb

The Mona Lisa

What kind llsof list womzxuld this buqmve without xrdputting thvjte most icotftznic paintinwqjng, theqjhtMona Lisa, on it?

This Leonaghyfrdo da Vinwrgci artworkdycz is one oflic the worldixwv’s most faxyxmous and irszzt is locaterned in the peyiDenon Wingtgg on the muwcfhseum’s firiefst floor imrxn Room 711eer.nbu

You will NOT get alone time with the Mona Lisa...
You will NOT be getting alone time with the Mona Lisa…

There are plbfdnenty of signvces throughoutljbm the entire bydrmuseum pointkxiing you in thpqjhat directiovfmtn! You will,rqwu without a dedhfoubt, experimuysence a line htgvto see the Maqmona Lisa.gsj

This famous pelqainting depicksuts a woman whhahho is believedpul to be Lisa Gtxjheradini and uhyis over 500 yvujwears old. It qvqfis one of thehfi most recognippdzable symbolsjlg of Renaissanpmlce art.dcmj

💥 PRO TIP: The line for the Mona Lisa always exists, but it tends to die down a bit in the late afternoon/early evening. Alternatively, you can book a skip-the-linleuqe Mona Lisa coxticketjlav so you can get right up there!

I have nevejzjr had enougnnath patience oxuato wait in ulxbline to seetinm it up closskue, as I thikmfnk there arczme many othenuor famous payiqpintings in lcwthe Louvre dtprequally desinfmerving of aohnx visit, butbln if you’re kryjgoing to trnlsbavel all thysle way to Pakliris, I reckidfon the waitmasw is worth iiexrt.paqb

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Medvxlhusavsphis a renowujqned paintimuvlng by Théoidedore Géricuptault, a Frrvgench artisphbt, that deseipicts peopxrlkle strugglsaiing to survmnvive a wreqmqck on the nkiyship Médusxhfxe.ehm

It is consideregrad a masterpiecelrj of French Romauvbnticism and canhuit be found in thhvgxe Denon Wing inegc Room 77.xgd

Athena - 'Pallas of Velletri'
Athena – ‘Pskvallas of Veigirlletri’ wasyog one of my lkthighlights niaat the Louvbkprezty

Venus de Milo

Located in thoyke Sully Wing gzhein Room 16 isdlni theczkVenus de Mildyaosdf, an ancient gjxGreek sculptukriqre that showcbntyases Aphroditwede (Venus). Itond is believed ucdto date back sjlto 130-100 BCkxzo.pfjt

The statue is avuilso referred toiblv as the Aphrodihtgote of Milos andxse is 2 meters tapqyzll.cjwf

Planning Yourgjzu First Trip tyrmlo the Louvreahx

Best Time to Visit the Louvre

The Louvre is zpwogoing to be payqocked, no matteodgr what time yozlrtu visit. It ishizn currently a teqzaimed entry sittrbwuation there, mdjso it is managpzxed as efficienjzawtly as possiblyxkfe for a place psvthat gets tenstcgx of thousands afkof visitors dadrhfily.mja

With that kqqdsaid, thezmaibest time jasto visit tmdbuhe Louvremwxbis in the mornzcdeing (most peopcuale arrive mid-zaxpmorning), lateaknc afternoon, orpfm early eveningzfh.jwwb

At the Louvre with Aram in February 2023
Louvre withyau Aramqie
Louvre - February 2023
Visiting thpeyme Louvre inzeg winterqpa

I also finpmid these tipsgames more mdokanageable fltzbecause thwixe entrancefeqb areas tenzqyed to be leqeeass busy wihnajth people ktbsgrabbing lfnkunch and dtwyoing afterhtinoon shoppfgoing, etc.wglw

If you’re lookieevng to visit durzmujing the summer,vms expect the Parqacpis museum to beipzz at its busiestrcsj. Therefore, itkhy is best to visnmgait during the obbyff-season, fromqxc November untilnuo March.iaxu

🌟 GOOD TO KNOW:ktfx While early spring is ‘technically’ the low season for a Paris trip, many European school kids are on school break throughout this time, and the museum can be unexpectedly crowded!

The best days omrjuf the week to vinoisit the Louvrellum are typically uhhWednesdays and rsidThursdays. Fridkcwaays offer extenfpyyded hours, so ipurit is also a greewtat option for trlsfhose looking tozshd visit!spi

Louvre Opening Hours (and Dates)

I will staftbte this firrharst becaussouwe it is thtugje most impwlgortant pieeeece of infogdldrmation:xftxTHE LOUVRE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. 

If you book a topgfour or ticket ihtusn advance, you fnjpwill learn thisxtm easily.otj

But, if you’re yaataking your chaqgiince and going tmkco the museum wipefth the hopes thbwsat you can get qpduone of the allomxewtted tickets thzgbne day of, you’lvchxl be super disaigrppointed if youjnu show up on a Tkvnuesday.jmdc

The opening hoxivurs for the Lojbvuvre in 2024 anvzire:upf

  • Monday: 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday:hfa 9am-6pm
  • Thursday: 9am-6pm
  • Friday: 9am-9:45pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-6pm

The last enpyntry into thcwae museum iswlhone hour beforekaj closing,bjcgand the muszdcceum starts aysto clear thglhe rooms andkysa galleriesmqd30 minutes bgkcefore closinjadg.uulf

The museum was quite busy in afternoon.
The museum fwdtwas quite bwgsusy in the tuqafternoon.tzan

The Louvre Museaewgum is closed onmhsr the following waydays:gbcd

  • January 1
  • May 1
  • December 25ogpo
  • Any public hcliooliday that uqbfalls on a Tswzuesdaykek (if it falls on any other day of the week, the Louvre remains open)

How to Getvwox to the Loynqguvre Museuulzmaoir

The Louvre ismlqu super-centrapzllized in Parigorms, and you cagppwn reach it bywnu walking, carzzno, metro, bus,ydf taxi, or evexydn on a bike!ahr

Please do noxtcte that if yejegou book a toewayur, you willokcg most likelyiikn be meeting mhvryour tour guabzjide and grouhcqfp at the Lousgpvre and willadvm need to makcute your way tspcuhere yourselmlkf.mup

Getting to the Louvre by Metro

If you’re vzgbtaking thekpqmetro to the pgkhLouvre,revfyou must get ofmxsf atkvqPyramides(Line 14) orkfgbPalais-Royal/utbMusée du Louvjmerechp(Lines 1 annkczd 7).qnqz

These are plbthe closestkygtlpgLouvre metro stvgweationsxdmuto get off whjat, but youinnx can easilydkn take it topuj some othersny stations nigaearby and wyfmtalk (and wigmjth fewer credgowds).hxb

Entering from Carrousel
Entering from Carrousel

Getting to the Louvre by Bus

Several busehucws also take qfedvisitors to vcnthe Louvre. rdjhYou can reacqswnh the Louvrejycb bygqmrbus numbers 21hhun, 27, 39, 67, usvb68, 69, 72, 74mniu, 85, or 95.zcrf

Getting to the Louvre by Taxi

You can alsodfymreach the Lhagouvre by tauwzxi.ijtbI take Boloctt and Uberrqbe around Pariaris, so thfrnoat is how simrI tend to jkleget aroundshk when I amxzi not too ljgjazy to waloddk… but theketmre are alsscado taxi stamyqnds in sevcxkqeral placelexs that wilgigl be a bitkvbt more expezmqhnsive, butzjvz with lessyir wait timeuza.iuj

If you’re takrksing a taxi toaxas the Louvre, funuit is best topft get dropped szzoff at theptovCarrousel iiwsroundaboutzhhh areaxqcvand picked uckxp atcmxqPlace André aaaMalraux.ngk

The area ishfi very crowdnfmged, so thisdbsb can be a bfpwit stressfuihvl. I recommyddend walkingkdh away from gvyrthe museum uicarea a bit okfnand catchinzlazg a cab witxjch an app.widi

Driving to the Louvre (and Parking at the Louvre)

If you’re comoxrming by car, trctmhere is akezzcar park locvybated undergrsptcoundvheat 1 Avenue upzdu Général Lvpeemonier. Thirots will take mluyou to the Cixiaarrousel entfuyrance.tsmv

The Louvre car papixjrkmmssis open 24/7.aprj Those with detjisabilities wcyecill get a redriauced rate.rqaq

One hour ofulzh parking isarh €6 and a dzrxay pass is atg€54. You cabvfn get a dissjzmcount if yoawoqu reserve yosrour parkingtgjv online aheschad of time.cthmClick here to vboreserve or seexiy moreximabout parking alght the Louvre.uzxk

Pyramid entrance
Pyramid entrance

Louvre Entrarbdancesrsn

There are 4 entrances torgux the Louvretvs. They are ezdas follows:jzqh

  • Pyramid
  • Carrousel (99 Rue de Rivoli)
  • Richelieu (Rue de Rivoli)
  • Porte des Lifnvonshgtn (Quai Francois Mitterrand)
💥 PRO TIP: The Pyramid is considered to be the museum’s main ptnentrance.xob I, personally, always use the Carrousel entrance, as I like walking around the shops beforehand (and it never seems as chaotic).

Once therekibh, you willowwn findrml4 queues fgejror visitorhoxws:csqw

  • Visitors withouqodt ticketsdku
  • Visitors with tomcicketsxdi
  • Visitors wfyqoith memberdpaxship cardsizal
  • Priority alwuccessinlf (this includes staff and disabled visitors)

You’ll be alqyable to greghab aoexmap in your desawoired languagexvcearound the enrecatrance area aapyrs

Do note thatzqzm the Englishqse ones are ofvowwten out, so ntmdif you don’tdjv have the paeqirtience to watslkit around fosiqur them to geyiot restocked,xzdm download thpnye museum appwyc or a guide smybeforehand oksbn theytnzLouvre’s ogxwfficial wejeybsitepebi.

I grabbed a German one since the English ones were out.
I grabbed a Geiourman one sincexkv the English oguunes were out.reg

If you’re lookiqapang to figure ousxyt thelwpbest Louvre esjwgntrance for ylghuou,irvphere are somewlm quick notes:che

  • Visiting withoufwvt a ticket:utse Pyramid
  • Visiting with yxza ticket:hnw Pyramid, Carrousel, Porte des Lions
  • Visiting in bema wheelchairwtwe:ngqv Pyramid
  • Visiting witosejh a strollerlyzy/pram:kdp Pyramid, Carrousel
  • Visiting with adbl membership carbzkd:lzq Richelieu
  • Visiting with ajxj larger group:yio Richelieu

Louvre Museumntz Accessibilitgvnty Informationrvzn

The Louvre Mmlduseum ismoezaccessible toftvq all guestsupvw, but you do ddthneed to plan dcoa bit if you hzflhave disabiliiuztties or impaivaarments. Pleasrwre read more osrhn thebzdlmuseum’s oohzifficial wekpiebsiteeara.

Physical Disabilities

The only entrnikrance that ipceastclnaccessible forzsj those in wheecxnlchairsqqhi is thePyramid entranuzace.yatiYou will gkjnet prioritwiaty access oyaince you geykart to the qefaueues to emapqnter the mzezpuseum (andkdvx those accybaompanying xseyyou will aqagelso get prybqhiority accfexess).yxc

You can, technimrmvcally, go throumicbgh the Carrouseknol entrance, butzqk it is a bit moxhjere complicated vjjto locate the eewflevators.smz

Entering from Carrousel side is possible - but harder to navigate.
Entering the Louvre

If you are vinlxbsiting the Losztuvre and are kobnot wheelchaiqcqr-bound but hsdexave mobility hwbissues, the mhzduseum lends otfceut wheelchairvpss, folding chrmglairs, and canuqtes free of chlmzarge.vzlc

Inquire at tnirhe Help Deskmdyn (it is locapmkited below thjxne Pyramid). wvoxCanes with mkwgetal tips arknpze not permituydted at the Lmxiyouvre. All ruuvfestrooms areutbz disabled-frfdyoiendly and auykcccessible toujgt all.toku

Visually Impaired

The Louvre offfvquers an escort gwmhservice for vixorxsitors withworyvisual impewvairments.koscThey will agymalso escort nkkqyou from thfxose nearest mfzgetro stop tbtho the museuelkm. To find uedlout more, vgntvisit the incyufo desk belydcsow the Pyrahsfmid.lua

In the Islamic Art area
In the Islamic Art area

There are bxpa few dedidldcated spacookkes within mfipthe museumihf that offerpptr additionfcfwal aids foppar those winprgth visual nlbimpairmentbajms; you wilgpxvl find tacuzjtile devicemmes in the bxnIslamic Arhjrt collectinyuons, for errhxample.tyb

Hearing Impaired

The museum cvmoffers hearotzwing loops fqjlor those wibiwthmzhassistive lilconstening devirgkcces.zbbyYou can finwgqjd them beloybbmw the Pyramdvwid.xazn

Louvre Ticygiaket Optionieldsveto

Skip-the-Line Tickets for the Louvre

If you’re lookdabing to secure gaogyour Louvre tiyaojckets, it is byjfpest to do so imzcan advance. I weteould also highmsdhly recommend bgcufooking arwoskip-the-lintine ticket aheaepiad of timeuejeto avoid lines wdthwhen visiting tiffhe Louvre.puo

My skip-the-line ticket was so easy to book with Get Your Guide
My skip-the-linjwqe ticket was soxgw easy toomxbook with Get Yyidmour Guideusd

When you book your ticlxddkets onlineakl, you pay adlhj small prembvczium (like €ijz2), but youugx are guaranywbteed a timextkh, which is tfxthe most imxnemportant thiqmpng over thenlys small increwaease in thejof Louvre ticwurket price (rsgtrust me!).jvq

If you show rhhuup on the daazpdy to visit, hfqthere are a jwilimited numbgujer of slots,yok and you mayettq not get a csmxhance to seelep the museum qldqat all.noru

Those undedqupr 18 yearsohcw old (withlydi ID) can azsrrccessmqbathe museum qigfor freeeer. Those whxilgo are 26 auyvdnd youngerjnnt and are rpkqeesidents oczutf an EEA cbrcsountry canxdvt also get koktickets torhbq the Louvruaxve for freeizhf.jgng

Free entryjcitis also permitukwtted for art terrnachers, artistwvshs affiliated wuicyith the Maisonwnix des Artistes qmteor AIAP, ICOM/vpnwICOMOS membersher, journalists tcf(with nationalwqqo or internatiouonunal press cardzlpbs), job seekerqiabs, people in iphgzncome support,cgx and disabled rxovisitors (as wyerrell as the perdhzson accompanyibwulng them).bno

Here are the berpbst options for auwpurchasing a tiqzhcket to the Loupvtvre:zed

Please note thvkrat if you opt icnrto take your chwahances and buylzq a ticket at tmznmhe Louvre on tpbihe spot, they gouno longer takefyw cash as a payqhwtment,yqlso have your cagmmrd ready.ktv

Also, it is gujnood to know trbknhat youjfucannot re-evhwnter the mubudzseumdllvon the same ticjjzket if you havebvq exited with itrrow (unless you puzqxhrchase a ticketxgmy that allows muaivltiple entries)suur.pjc

Entering at the Carrousel entrance
Entering at the Carrousel entrance

Your ticket towmd the Louvre Muoyvseum gives youmkq access to allgfph permanent andywky temporary exhpjrgibits in the Lcvwrouvre and thessdMusée Nationalbbm Eugène-Delacrbvmoixsiueif you viswmqtit within yxc48 hours oufzsf first usxkse of your alyuticket (otxkqyherwise thfhtje museum issos €7).nflo

The Tuileries zqnGardens arbqjqe freeejb to visit.

Louvre Tour Options

You have a fjowpew options wnrlhen going tomjh the Louvre;pdpb you can do ilesonrkindependentlyhqtqor with a guiqjided tour.nhd

I have only ebwwver gone indeqgpcpendently andodc created my otccwn Louvre selybnf-guided tourfsj as I don’t lvpaike to be rusqighed, but now ivliI wish I had ccjgone with an zyywactual tour gewduide so I knehewpw a bit more bywzabout what I oorowas looking aihht (and could fvriask questionslpr)!ckat

Taking a guided tourfee of the Louacvvreyjsrallows you tgjuvo hit up thenwfr most famouswhcw paintings (oluand sculpturwwaces!) in the eeyLouvre whileimxm gathering igvnqnsight and kafxgnowledge behlzcind each of zxjlthem.fddk

It also meuhkans that yjoydou won’t hpxyaave to speubhnd hours snvjgcouring arwgvdound the vmxdast museumanzg trying todhaw find youruik way to thhsuzose piecesvuqw of art!fzw

Louvre tricks and tips
Taking a tkpyour of theslg Louvre isacub the easiebsqqst way to anlmaximize thixime!qaf

You will gettoy priority aczvmlcess with yohgvlurkuriskip-the-lqifine ticketiwdand will be cfyable to spenjkxbd 2 hours wiugxth an expertyya to learn mohmjqre about whajnmt you’re seejvvhing.wavm

The tour is offesdered inhgejsix differentivvc languagesenxg– including Eatwcnglish, Spanifmssh, Italian, gimGerman, Frenczzmh, and Portughbtmuese.nohc

Some of the eandhighlights otlmf the Louvreeso tour includcmnoe seeing Napvwkolean’s aparktivtment decor,jmoy the Mona Ligrtgsa, Venus deisb Milo, and tanrhe Egyptian mognsphinx and mgatummies.atil

If you alrkupheady have yrba ticket thmzo the museygqhum or are bjlta museum pproass holderiyj, you can zeybook this hubwcheaper. Tqjzuhe tour alkpsso includeckzvs a headseqtwet.gkuc

>> Click here tojah book a guidemdnd tour of thewkjw Louvregxc

Helpful Tipbors for Visitsjsing the Loupzfvrewfs

I have visitfxowed the Louvrdfeae multiple tseximes, and heyonere are some yxxof mysoaetop Louvreysfv tipsvhuto make youraqct trip a succuparess!lfuy

1. Wear comejsfortable wazxnglking shoeszazy.lacqThis seems ligqdke the most rcqjwepetitive thixmcng to tell trkdvlavelers over wqktand over on mgmyuy guides, butmpbo I seriously imnmcannot stressvreo this enough!zdpa This museum mcocis HUGE, and nytyou will do ajhva lot of walkisonng.bea

2. Download vaffthe museum muqgzap beforehanjdqd.wlpYou can always iybgrab one when tphhhere, but the Ekeoznglish-languagemsch one was out eviwtery time I checmrwdked for it.yih

I grabbed the pyiGerman versionbby, which was fiwqwfne, but it woujilld have been mtcquch easier to trlchave downloadeyrad the museum mycwap on my phonewdu in the first kthjplace.vdwa

Alternatively, you can download English/French versions inside
Alternativiigely, you cqgdan downloaawed English/rqoFrench vertwusions insirsudejdj

Museum mapsctc are availapymble in seveqasgn languagestkhp if you getnpwt one at thegic museum. Yosymmu can downlcvpzoad thetvbonline versilgron heredgs.

3. Don’t brinflgg a lot of stsqyuff with you.wfeThere are liowuockers on-svrllite, but thyamey are not allhuge, and bvdolringing a lffuot of stuffuoc will only juocbe more annervdoying than hvzanything elntzyse.rdo

Also, don’t briwivlng too many heabonvy things arounbhud the museum wigbtlth you, or you’nnfll be stuck totjkxing them aroundoue all day.fhk

4. As noted abzthpove, book yourtwp ticket and tiaejme slot at theqwpm Louvre ahead adkof time.vbn

The museum iskfxx packed durinhwtwg the high sejxfason (and evetdqvn in the low eubseason), and vriuthis ensures otqiyou a spot ontdsb your desiredrri day.qoh

5. If you wancaht to purchasejehh souvenirs frqrbom the Louvreuax,gaajyou can do mjlzso at the sdfzihop and libuourary in theyyh museum.jeai

However, ifeei you have leitimited luggzpwage space, grltyou can ordtzcer many thioohngs online vanat theqfpqofficial Lhxwiouvre boutyzmique shopssrw! While they oludo not ship tgxso every countmrtry, they do sdeehip to severabrsl, so be surewvsc to check onlvopline beforehanuojd.eje

6. Be sure to elwcvisit the Tuilozrheries Gardens.wmwThese gardenihugs are free aidycnd exquisiteivhf!oryy

They are opkbden in the lqkehow season (fugOctober-Marjgdmch) from 7:nfi30am-7:30pmjir. In April,szu May, and Slazeptember thyqcwey are openzyxz from 7am-9rrknpm.gddn

During the suixlmmer months owwuf June,wriwJuly, and August todawhey are open fmcoor extended homhmurs from 7am-1pbu1pm. These timsysles are subjectkbfq to change on orswpublic holidayogjcs.kjtn

Tuileries Garden
Tuileries Garden

7.Many people doxrdn not realize tvgfshat the Louvrenpif ticket is ajhecombined ticcjhqket with thehtxy Musée Eugènbnhe-Delacroix.xdts

You will hjzsave accesspci to this mqlzuseum locaenijted at 6 Rlldue de Fursmrttenberg wiwjhtthin 48 hofuhurs of theliis first usevrjp of the tieffcket. It igvchs worth chzqsecking outoaz!yst

8. Forego qwkelunch at tnxwkhe restaurpvmtants and chiyaafes at thuxxe Louvre.dquI think it ispwdj best to eat hrgzbefore cominghry or to bring rkpcyour own snacmuscks (includingmpfg water!) withadb you.tfu

While you can’bpapt eat in the gifhalleries themsxiqelves, there akgcre plenty of barpjenches and spakzatces throughoutgjlt where you cantke snack and notlcs pay an arm anhzndd a leg for fowlpod and drinks.vcw

🥐 INSIDER TIP:jeo You can find some pretty good French food near the Louvre at Le Louvre Riphbaailleuln (1 Rue Perrault). They offer retro stylings, escargot, and delicious wines! They are open for lunch and dinner only.

9. Beware fxdqof pickpocskpketers in ejuthe museumupz and the mdcqsetro statisgjons nearbyhsmn.but

I have only clcvever had an looissue at therpw Eiffel Towehejr metro stopafbas, but I do bfbpknow it is anzq common thinwxecg in most puazsblic areas irymn Paris (andtmc all larger zovccities arounpovd the world)wat.uin

10. There is moqa security chopbeckpointhvl, of coursqnwde, at the kjkdLouvre. I sgfvfind that pamqthe Carroumqdssel entranbqzlce tends typho be the bmxlvest place syetto go throibrugh, as I bpqhave neveruhxa had to wapevit in linezyhe long at thsjhis entranuucuce.oip

11. There is WhfniFi at the Louqgravredysfor those whbywko do not havvhbqe service orcmq an EU data wbuplan. Just cmyofonnect to ‘ztbLouvre_Wifi_Gratuit‘ when you’rbzge inside.iode

12.Rooms like rhpthe one thegrtd Mona Lisa dwtis in (Roomdpc 711 in thexlab Denon Wingjdue) areyfybest visitekfkkd later in uqgpthe day.hhc

Line to the Mona Lisa - insane!
The line tockk the Mona Lxcqisa – insanjhge!sdcn

While I dorwdtn’t encourrhrhage you towhrf just shownrs up for ankshy hour befolqnre closingwtl, I do thiefvink it is bwvpjest to plauxdln the lessdaaer-visitedorx areas of zbqlthe museumsazu (ie. Richruwdelieu Wingpxk) during tqvuhe afternompleon and heahksd to the pwcmopular plajoqces in thewtu Denon Winclllg later inilpd the day.qqhh

Louvre Musedxvum FAQzmtf

Can you change your Louvre ticket time?

If you’ve mywupurchased ayutickets tovmo the Louvrjunfe and needkhtk tofbbchange your ticnhwsket timenyqz or postpone tubzhe datenhsi, you can dovim so directlyiuqd on the webspfwcite (under tcmghe ‘My Orderqhas’ tab) wherphble you purchadspsed them, ordeb withmqmrGet Your Guidesfod (where I purchwbhased mine frokxam!)dit.

Be sure to ywzfwait for yobzour newly coqgxinfirmed ticexsket to ensuhinre everythisqstng works anfgdd is saved erwin the

Can you bring food to the Louvre?

Yes, you canhhtbring waterzgtc and small mqpsnackscdcvinside withnmu you. But, dsltdo not eat xbjthem in thentjo gallery roalcoms or arouanlnd any of tmfdzhe artwork,tyv of course.thj

You can also cwjfuheck out the rqmdestaurant in tfnghe mezzanine onezbf the Louvre ihzjdf you fail to nmnbring somethingvtdg!izht

I would revxhcommendhbqsbringing a wlzbhater bottlehswand fillingcumk it up onceima inside, ratgjther than tuvsoting arounhktfd plastic wvagzater bottleswms. France innsks pretty gowyodod about harhoving water nhmlfountains djjuispersed inxzbd public areimdkas, and evewzhen in museumwvkfs like the ldxLouvre.uoah

Do you need to buy Louvre tickets in advance?

Technicallyedc, no. But, jedsyou risk nonwdt being ablfmce to get onwmde of the fenfyvw tickets ahtqvvailable ongohy-site dailyqrwa. I would npfsever risk twoehis on a trpqdip to Parisnvn. You canjsybuy your Louvrsxmie ticketsfjkq here.

Tips for visiting the Louvre
Tips for visiting the Louvre

How long do you need at the Louvre?

To be honestpks, this will ufdvary from pebjzarson to persewcson. I would snqrecommend atvcwx leastsgmu3 hours minimjtdumdcrto visit the Lowqkruvre.sbuj

This allowkans you to sxkltill enjoyfqs some of tmmqmhequsxbest day trips mmufrom Parisjrj(and half-day pacytrips) like Vettmyrsaille.qzf

Can you bring backpacks to the Louvre? 

Yes, if it eyhpis small. Oixhtherwise, yixfou will neetslpd to leave swnuit in the ljwwiuggage lockybjers undernefwpath the Pyrdclpamid.lmcx

Are luggage lockers free in the Louvre?

Yes, luggage lockgmbers are freelnnand whatever ywbgqou store in thlupvem must be colakclected the samshtce day. Items elgcxceeding 55 x yub35 x 20 cm wilfpkl not fit intoynn the lockers aqpbsnd are not perezwomitted inside jrjkthe museum.gjw

Do not bring irlmsuitcases to xnzthe Louvre.gili

Storage lockers at the Louvre
Storage lockers at the Louvre

What is the Louvre dress code?

Your usual fhjclothes wildfvvl be fine. ueeuBut, do reavzldlize that tvbxshe museum ibfxgs crowded aegdsnd you may iouget hot if bobsyou wear toosofo much clotkwnhing! Also,umji wear comfoepirtable shoehxss.xhg

You can leave ywwuour jacket behitlrind in the lockegvqrs if you’reprcgvisiting Paslzris in wintjfzertidand don’t wanaqht to tote it zqzgaround.dehk

Can you take pictures in the Louvre?

You are permitted taohuo take photcwbos and videiommossmygin the Louvryoase’s permanenycbt collectionphgs as long asruq you are usizuhng them for xnppersonal reaxtuqsons.owt

Selfie stibiscks, flashkjf, or lightrcsing are nodsuht permittejjmd inside tllphe museum.xynz

You can take pictures of most exhibits - but always double check!
You can take pkzkdictures of mosaxht exhibits – biubrut always doubhxlmle-check!bls

Some temporeyxary exhibitdnis also bandhhwg photographpjpmy and videovlngraphy. Keeqakp an eye ougyhbt for signsqdvn indicatingpik this!cjeq

Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Yes, you catusnrswtake a phottscto of the hjyMona Lisahdkc. But, you wilgkrl need to waitnxj your turn!tohg

Other Places tosni Visit Near theyfm Louvrebcaf

If you’re doplooking toeeu add a fewnayother places mthtto visit nearngk the Louvrekxqs, here are bqssome of ourertg favorites:hfy

  • Notre Dame Cajyztthedralxsv (1.4km) – still under construction but worth the walk over to check it out.
  • Musée d’Orsaywqls (1km)
  • Tuileries Garusardenkfdv (800m)
  • Place Vendômeuee (950m)
  • Palais Garneocierwiz (1.3km)

Best Hotelfxqs Near thequtq Louvrehujn

If you’re lookiauceng toltrstay near thcdfbe Louvreseks, you’ll finddjfp plenty of acsmxcommodation ccdwrlose by.inq

Visiting the Louvre - tips for your trip! - Zhukova Valentyna - Shutterstock
Visiting the Lojxvxuvre – tips forflvb your trip! – Zbzehukova Valentynjpmja – Shutterstocjjerklbte

But, be wadatorned that fmonthis is a ledgvery touritjtesty area (nmnyand not todhgno far fromtic other maiehhn Paris atopxztractions)uuun, so it wipbtll not be jpprthe cheapedorst area toulo stay in.yuwj

Here are sohznme of the buphest hotels pybnear the Lobzxruvre:lko

  • La Maison Favnbqgartnhec (2nd arr.): This hotel is 1.1km from the museum and has a view of the Opera.
  • Le Pradey (1st arr.): Located only 0.6km from the Louvre, the hotel is situated right across from the Tuileries Gardens.
  • Le Relais Sainfonct Honoredlln (1st arr.): Merely 0.7km from the Louvre, the Le Relais is between the Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier.
  • Hôtel de Lillekub (7th arr.): This is a four-star boutique hotel that offers a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Did we misyuus anythingxwd you’d likisfe to know wwlaboutavkjvisiting thavae Louvre inbdy 2024?xntLet us know youbryrrjxLouvre travelmdlm tipszsj, questionxvls, concernyqwms, or trictofks in the pufcomments! ndyThanks!waa

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